Planely from Planely on Vimeo.

Planely is a new service that tries to make your flights a better social experience by showing you who is on your next plane.

Cool idea. If only it didn’t rely on Facebook. (le sigh)

(thanks sis)

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  1. Not sure it does need Facebook. I think that Connect button is just for an easy signup. You can register manually like I did if you want

  2. I just tried it since I am taking a flight next week, the dumb thing didn’t work. The flight options drop down menu never populated with any data. Good idea, pore execution!

  3. Thanks for the mention @swissmiss and glad you like our mission to help make flying exciting again.

    @ben is right when he says Facebook Connect is just there to make it easier for people to sign-up. We’re not playing any funny games with your data or posting into your News Feed and never will. Not our game.

    @jon Sorry it didn’t work for you. I’m afraid we only support the more modern browsers at the moment and it might have been you were using IE 6 or 7 perhaps? If you don’t mind I would love to see what the issue was – nick[at]planely[dot]com

  4. Sitting on the plane with a book or magazine is just about the last enforced “quiet” time left in this world. Do people really need to CONSTANTLY be networking? yikes!