Robot Wallpaper

Yes, my robot obsession is in full force: Check out this Robot Wallpaper by Aimée Wilder. (gasp-for-air!)

(Thank you Caroline)

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  1. Hey, we have a Dwell Studio onesie for our son in that pattern!

  2. Oops, I guess the pattern on our son’s outfit is slightly different. Still cute though!

  3. Love this! Would be perfect for our little robot baby.

  4. Ok, you made it.
    Now everytime I see something robot-related I think of you.
    Like yesterday. I discovered what happens when you type “about:robots” in the firefox URL box. Did you know about that one? LOL!

  5. Fantastic! I’m nutty about robots too, having recently bought a tin robot for my study (

    More robot goodness, please!