Tinybop: Robot Factory

I have been anticipating the Tinybop’s Robot Factory release for months! The day is finally here! Build a robot and then see them walk, or not, depending on how your construction skills hold up. So much fun! Who doesn’t love to build robots? Exactly.

Famous Robots

Daniel Nyari has created a poster that features 30 headshots of famous robots from film, television, and comics. How many you do recognize?

UPDATE: This poster was apparently heavily inspired by Robert Mall’s Fifty Goodies

(via comicsalliance)


Nerds Rejoice! RoboChair is foldable chair that doubles as wall art! Unlike most folding chairs that get stored in a closet or tucked away when not in use, RoboChair hangs proudly on your wall with an easy mounting bracket.

If you want to make one of these your own, head over to Kickstarter and support the RoboChair campaign.

Bobble Head Robots

More fuel for my Robot obsession: A kit that allows you to build your very own Bobble Head Robots. Scissors and glue required. Eight styles in total.

Robot Wallpaper

I just gasped for air: This Robot Wallpaper is so incredibly cool. And there’s one with Cars as well. #wishlisted

(via BBlinks)

Robot Measuring Cup

It’s a robot built out of measuring cups. Yep. Very cool.

Freaker America

Freaker is a North Carolina based company that is on the forefront of keeping bottles cool and hands more comfortable. Zach Crain and the Freaker Team are pursuing their American dream of preventing all most handshakes with their patent pending product, the Freaker.

A few weeks back, the Freaker Team visited Brooklyn with their truck and threw us an amaaaazing grilled cheese party. And now, entire Studiomates is sporting Freakers. Get them here.

And Ellen, you should really consider having Zach on your show. He’s quite something:

Zach training for the Ellen Show from freakerusa on Vimeo.

Chanel Robots

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I know, I know, I might as well just start a blog dedicated to just robots… But bear with me, and check out Robole. What an amazing toy. The possibilities are endless as all the pieces connect via magnets. I am giddy over this and Robole just jumped on the very top of my #wishlist. Now if only I spoke Polish.

robole (prodiż © 2010) from prodiż on Vimeo.

(via Stilsucht)

Robot Stencil Kit

This Robot Stencil Kit looks like so much fun. Yay for robots!

Robot Cake

Our son’s first birthday is coming up. Is there a Robot Cake in our future?

(Thank you Ina)

Mini Robot Vacuum

This Mini Robot Vacuum won my heart. I think I need to make space for it on my desk. This fun desktop robot will clean up all your messes! Simply press top button and zoom over crumbs, pencil shavings or other debris and he’ll sweep ‘em up.

Robot Quilt

While I am not all that crazy about quilts, this Robot Quilt by Boo Davis made me look and smile. It’s called “Does Not Compute”. Boo Davis shares the pattern and everything you need to know to make it in her book, “Dare to Be Square Quilting: A Block-by-Block Guide to Making Patchwork and Quilts.”

(How appropriate that the cover features an owl, my ‘obsession in the making!”)

Robot Wallpaper

Yes, my robot obsession is in full force: Check out this Robot Wallpaper by Aimée Wilder. (gasp-for-air!)

(Thank you Caroline)

Robot Headphone Splitter

Please pardon another robot-obsession-indulgence on my part: Robot Headphone Splitter. It is compatible with any standard device with a 3.5 mm headphone socket such as MP3 players, PDAs and computers. Eyes of the robot are the headphone sockets. Includes key chain attachment for on-the-go.


I wasn’t kidding when I said I have a new obsession; Robots:

Robot Ball

Schylling Classic Windup Robot

Build Your Own Robot Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Mudpuppy Robots Magnetic Figures

LEGO 8683 Minifigures Series 1 – LOOSE – Robot

Basic Fun David Kirk Stacking Robot

ROBO KEYS are decorating my key chain since last friday. Makes me smile every time I come home.

Futurama Bender Wind-up Robot Action Toy

Hog Wild Robot Calculator Galactic Addition – White

Robot Matching Game

Robot Bubble Bottles


I see a new swissmiss obsession: ROBOTS!

Robot Pillows!

Wood Stacking Robots

Matryoshka Madness Robot

Robot Man

Check out this wooden, minimalist Robot Man. Love at first sight? Yes! Inspired by traditional japanese joinery, his wooden frame and elastic muscles enable him to hold all sorts of poses. Folds neatly into a cube for rest time.

IKEA Patrull Air Purifier

The IKEA Patrull Air Purifier looks like a little robot that was in a fight!