Slalom Steerable Sled

Last night I came home and found a ‘sled’ outside our apartment door. Apparently stores were completely sold out, but our little Ella *really* wanted to go sledding. My husband (being the king of hacks) went to a hardware store bought a tub and some rope and simply made one. My daughter was in heaven. While it did the trick and my daughter couldn’t care less about the aesthetics of the sled, I would prefer this Slalom Steerable Sled. Or the good old classic Davos Sled. (I grew up with these!)

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  1. I can’t even imagine sledding without a good old Davoser, all waxed up and ready to go. Funniest downhill snowfights on those aswell.

  2. If you like sleds, look here.
    I own a Zipflracer, really fast and very safe, and a ruckXbob, not much tested.
    Your blog is very interesting, a daily must.

  3. Nice and innovative Davoser sled. If you are in Switzerland, do not miss to join where you can find your sledge partner respectively sportpartner.