Swedish Raincoat

Arholma Svart and Arholma Vit are an updated version of the traditional raincoat worn by generations of Swedish fishermen. The coats have seams which are sealed to prevent any leaks and buttons of matte copper. Do I want one? YES, I DO!

Available here.

(via Gesa)

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  1. Big compliment, today surfing on your blog was a little bit like Xmas-shopping. I loved every single posting so far. And yes, THIS one i want too.

  2. Trying to figure out the conversion to USD here is making my head hurt. I’m pretty sure this raincoat doesn’t cost 14 cents. Can anyone assist?

    Thank you.

  3. I got mine with the post yesterday. Somehow it did not feel right to rip the wrapping off as I usually tend to do when I get something I was really keen to get. So I pulled the box – yes a box – out of the red plastic envelop and opened it very carefully. It really felt a bit like getting a present from a very good friend. Packed with love.

    And guess what. The box just matched the content. The coat is just amazing. I love it. I wanna wear it right now and I really don’t care that it is raining cats and dogs anymore. Who said raincoats can either keep you dry or look good, did not know about this one.

    Thank you SwissMiss for convincing me to get one.

    Regenkind :)