The secret of “Doing”

Attending the Do Lectures Conference is on the very top of my ‘things I want to do one day!” Every time I watch one of their talks I can’t stop grinning at their lovely logo and animation at the beginning. The Do Lectures won my heart.

Their idea is a simple: People who Do things, can inspire the rest of us to go and Do things too. (Besides my blog being a personal visual archive, inspiring others ‘to go do things’, is right up there in the list of reason why I blog!)

In her latest blog post my friend Liz (of Bobulate fame) is pointing us to The Do Lectures “The Path of a Doer,” a pocket guide to helping you to achieve more, to help you understand the ebb and flow of making something happen.

Each of us is given the same number of hours every day, but some people make more things happen in the same time. Why is that? Well, they have learnt an important, and yet mostly untaught, life skill. They have learnt how to go from “talk” to “action.” They have discovered the secret of “Doing.” And yet, becoming a Doer is simple enough. It is a habit that we can all acquire.

Flip through the preview PDF, or order a copy on Amazon.

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  1. I can’t describe how much I liked the design and the idea of the book. Just ordered it ! Thanks for sharing it :)