Tree Swing

Ok, somebody has to stop me here, but thanks to TasteEtsy I have been digging out the *best* stuff on Etsy for the past hour or so (hence my back to back Etsy posts). Check out this Tree Swing made of reclaimed wood. How awesome? (spreading arms really wide and saying:) Soooo awesome!

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  1. Good idea, poor execution. Why is it absolutely necessary to split the products into gendered categories before any other criteria? And why the hell isn’t there at least a both category? The entire setup set my teeth on edge.

  2. the swing must not be that great. look how surly that guy looks sitting on it. :P ha, ha. i miss tree swings.

  3. go out in the woods. do stuff like this by yourself.

  4. go out in the woods. do stuff like this by yourself. you don’t have to be a creativ ubermensch, to get this done.

  5. looks gorgeous but is highly impractical especially for kids imagine getting smacked in the mouth with that lump of wood very expensive swing when you take into account the orthodontic work. :)

  6. Visitors to the site are met by two buttons that have time-travelled from the 50s. “Stuff for Guys”/”Stuff for Girls”. Seriously – what-the-*.

  7. Why is that hipster so glum? Why is it necessary to inject poor, apathetic indie-rock smugness to something that would bring joy to 99% of kids in the world. That mope should get off the swing and let the kids play.

  8. Oh my, what has happened to my readers? What is this holiday season doing to the tone of my comments? I wish I could give you all a hug!

  9. Oh, a hug, how nice- but a hug can’t even begin to atone for the thousands of years of suffering women and people of other genders have had to endure to get to this point, where they are still treated like crap by the vast majority of the population of earth.

    And maybe the tastetsty doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, and maybe it isn’t compared to a lot of crap we have to deal with on a day to day basis, but for me at least, it was a pretty nasty shock; because it was linked from this site, run by a woman who loved beautiful things, who I blindly believed must also understand how ugly the world could be, and because of the userbase itself. The majority of etsy users should know what it’s like to be just a little off-center of normal, just enough to get people’s attention and be treated *differently*- they should know how badly that can hurt someone. But just like always, if it isn’t your people getting kicked in the teeth, they just don’t care.

    The reason I’m upset after stumbling into the tastetsy site and being confronted by a soul-splitting decision, after spending weeks being pelted by highly gendered commercials screaming what products I should instinctively want to buy, is because I was ambushed where I expected no enemy, and godammit it HURT.

  10. You all might be happy to know that Etsy was listening. Look, it’s all new:

  11. 150 bucks? So that means I’ve got a couple thousand dollars worth of swings in my back yard?