A to Z Magnatab

A to Z Magnatab helps your little one write his first letters via easy-to-follow arrows. A magnetic stylus pulls beads up to create solid lines. Erases with the tip of a finger.

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  1. Just for the record: it depends on the country HOW you write letters. It might not be a good idea to buy something like this as a souvenir for a child who lives in another country.

    For example, in parts of Europe you write the letter A with just two strokes: bottom-left to top to bottom-right + horizontal

    H is written: top-left to bottom + horizontal + top-right to bottom

    M: top-left to bottom + top-left to middle to top-right to bottom

    Basically you never draw the left and right strokes first and then fill out the middle but draw from left to right (A, H, M, N, V, W).

    The children will have a hard time with their teachers after they have learned different things at home than what is required at school.

    This doesn’t change anything about this wonderful gadget. I just wanted to point out that how you write letters in your country might be tought differently.

  2. Funny, I’m French, and that’s exactly what I was wondering while looking at this board.
    Do they really write letters like this in the US ?

  3. I’m a Canadian teacher and this looks good to me! The trickiest thing for little ones is using the “top-down” movement – many will start from the bottom. I think this is great.