Coffee Filters

I had no idea but apparently coffee filters are ideal for cleaning screens/televisions. They’ll catch the dust and cut static on the screen, all without leaving behind any fibers like paper towels would.

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  1. newspaper is also a great way of cleaning windows, mirrors, etc as they also leave no fibers behind. A little ink on the digits perhaps, but a streak-free mirror!

  2. Used dryer sheets: Same effect as the filters with the added benefit of reusing, rather than wasting them on an alternate purpose.

  3. When I bartended at an upscale restaurant, we would wipe down all wine and cocktail glasses with coffee filters. Gets rid of water stains and smudge and super cheap. I still do this when I have guests over.

  4. I used tissue paper before wiping.
    Then use the newspaper that there are exceptional cleaning performance. Window, TV screens, Glass Cabinets.

  5. caution! all stuff made fom cellulose (paper towels, coffee filters, newspaper) is poison for glassy surfaces (tv screens, glasses, monitors) since cellulose fibers are rigid enough to leave scratches. cotton cloth (t-shirts) is much smoother. damask table napkins from our great-grandparents are superb. a hint i got from my opticion

  6. I’ll second that @christoph.

    I personally use a microfiber cloth and would highly recommend it. Plus, you can throw it in the wash and reuse it over and over.

  7. yes @Nate, microfiber cloth is also fine for avoiding micro-scratches on glassy surfaces. re-usability is a good point, too. but for the wahing: beware of forgotten bills, kleenex, newspaper snippets in your jeans pockets :)

  8. So you are trying to save money cleaning your expensive LCD computer monitors and TVs? Are you crazy!

    Microfiber clothes are cheap and avoid all the problems that can arise from using some of the above mentioned suggestions.

    Dampen the cloth only a little and wipe applying light pressure. If it gets dirty wash it.

  9. We used to use them at a restaurant I worked at to clean the water spots off of wine glasses – it works perfectly!

  10. @christoph weigel: good post. I learned that while working for a optician.

  11. They also come in handy when you break a nail close really low to the point where it’s too painful to cut. Just cut a tiny little strip, paint clear nail polish over it and it will give it time to grow out a little bit.