Finally, CreativeMornings has its own site! You can now easily see what events are coming up and watch the most recent videos. If you want to be kept in the loop for upcoming CreativeMornings, make sure to sign up for one of the newsletters. (Each chapter has its own!)

A big thank you to Caroline Keim for coding the site and for Miah’s help on the design.

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  1. The site is not working :(


  2. Site works for me! Do events in Toronto! :)

  3. Artiom, try a little later today. Some of the nameserves still need to update. Sorry about that.

  4. @swissmiss, OK, it’s working now, thanks! ;)

  5. It looks like Vimeo is messing with their code right now as the video thumbnails are not loading correctly. Hoping it will be fixed soon. (Unfortunately out of our hands!)

  6. Nice! Awesome site, big props to the very talented Caroline…well done. :)

  7. does it really make sense to organize old-fashion “conference” today?
    how much carbon footprint you create for one conference? what’s the point to take the train, a flight to move to a city when you can share the knowledge via skype, a chat, or else… Creative Morning along all the AIGA conferences are just pretentious, and a way for a meaningless “networking” not fo rreally sharing knowledge. this is my blunt opinion.

  8. @YES! Nobody flies in for our events. CreativeMornings aim to foster a local community. It’s an event you go to before your regular work day. Not at all like a regular conference.

  9. Yay for! I think Chicago should be the next location, just a thought ;)

  10. I wish I was more designy, I so would start off Germany. Keep’em coming, Tina!

  11. The new site looks great. Nicely designed. I’d love to actually attend a Creative Mornings conference sometime. Pity there isn’t one in the UK (yet).

  12. Ace! I’m also wistfully awaiting one among the design community in Melbourne, Australia… not being “in” the design community myself, but finding it quite relevant to my interests (everything! and how to explain it better) and professional pursuits (linking arts to sciences through hands-on workshops).

  13. Hi Sorry but the url just brings up a domain name page. Is that happening to every one or just me?

  14. Gina, use instead of just

  15. Yay! Daniel is doing a great job in Zurich and I certainly wish I could attend more creative mornings, but my 8-5 Swiss schedule prevents me from doing so. Pech.

  16. Hi Tina,

    we love your CreativeMornings project. We would like to expand this concept to Prague.

    We are DESIGNEAST.EU non profit organisation, you might be familiar with our blog founded by Czech designer Martin Zampach.

    We have also experiences with organizing offline events (exhibitions, lectures).

    Please let me know if there is a possibility for cooperation on CreativeMornings. We have appropriate venue and lot of energy and enthusiasm.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards