CreativeMornings with Milton Glaser

(image by Matthew Kraus)

The CreativeMornings/NewYork crowd was in for a treat yesterday; design legend Milton Glaser was speaking. Milton’s presentation was tremendously insightful and inspiring. I think all of us left in complete admiration of Milton’s passsion for design. I can honestly say, that I hope to be as driven and hungry to learn, when I am in my 80’s. He still goes to work every day and looks forward to doing so. That right there must be the secret to aging happily; never losing interest in what you do and keeping your passion alive, wanting to learn something new, every single day.

Read some write-ups about the event here: Core77 and Campsite Studio.

I will share the video of his talk as soon as we have it ready.

Yesterday would not have been possible with the help of following wonderful people: David Rhodes, President of the School of Visual Arts (allowing us to use the SVA theatre), Steven Heller (for pulling strings), the entire team at the SVA theatre, Sy Abudu (Videographer), Emily Gilbert (Photography), Chasi Annexy (Photography), Aymie Spitzer (super-magic-helper), Michael (for helping at the door).

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  1. So sad that I missed this talk—on my birthday no less. :( I guess I’ll have to be quicker on the invite reply. Looking forward to seeing the talk online.

  2. So excited and grateful that you’ll be posting the talk online!

  3. If his speech was anything like his TED Talk that was posted earlier I would have LOVED to been in attendance. Man is absolutely amazing.

    Great post! :D