It’s a bookshelf. It’s a desk.

Trick by Sakura Adachi, designed for Campeggi, is a book case that turns into a table with two chairs. Nifty!

(via my favorite new blog discovery: shoeboxdwelling)

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  1. …it’s perfect!

  2. One of those things that makes you get mad at yourself thinking “i should have thought of that!!”

  3. Hmm, I’m less convinced.

    Yes, this set is beautiful to look at and manages to be a table+chair set and a bookshelf, but the minute it’s brought to life by one use, possibility of the second use becomes more remote.

    Imagine clearing books off the seats and tables before putting your coffee breakfast down, or fetching a book from under your friend’s butt. ;)

    I think these kind of dual use ideas are better discovered by users as they live with their objects, than baked in by the designer.

  4. One will not be able to place one’s feet behind and below the front edge of the seat, limiting comfort.

  5. Thank you for the kinds words about my blog! I am honored, overwhelmed and delighted. And apparently famous as well… :))

  6. genial!

  7. Yeah its amazing design, its reduce home or office space and looking nice, The material which shown on picture was ready good.

  8. freaking genius for those tiny NY apartments!!!!

  9. i can understand some of the criticism, about discomfort and impracticality of the dual-use, but for someone in my situation it really is perfect. i have a very tiny apartment with shelving of all kinds but no space for a table and chairs. we eat off small folding tables, which generally do the job, but it would be nice to eat at a proper table once in a while. i would use this as storage 80% of the time, but it would be so great to have to option to pull it apart and sit down now and then.