(Of course, I am not muting my studiomate Maria, as indicated on the graphic above.)

Here’s a browser extension I have been dreaming of: Proxlet let’s you block apps, mute users and filter tags on Twitter. You can mute someone for a day, a week or … gasp… forever! It works on the web, with desktop and mobile clients. Brilliant!

I will definitely suggest Proxlet to my followers, next time I live-tweet from a conference.

(Thank you @Amrit)

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  1. Don’t mute @brainpicker, she’s awesome! (hehe) Cool feature though :)

  2. ah muting, so useful! i use the twitter client ‘hibari’ (i have no affiliation with it though) which has muting (amongst other things) built in!

  3. This is awesome. Twitter should buy this and just incorporate it as a feature.

    (sad there’s not support the old Tweetie, which is still better than Twitter for Mac “version 2.0”) #notbitter

  4. What is the point of muting someone permanently? Why not just unfollow them instead..?

  5. It’s a pretty good idea, but muting someone forever is utterly pointless.

  6. Try, it’s one notch up. Integrated with Twitter so you don’t need to install an extension.

  7. Clare, you do actually need to install an extension for Slipstream but would love people to try both and go with what works for them. (I started Slipstream).

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