RSS5000 is a new RSS feed reader for iPad that made me look. I think this could be it, the first RSS reader I will stick with! Why? I don’t like not to see content in its original environment and RSS5000 seems to solve that problem. RSS5000 connects to your Google Reader account and allows you to swipe through your feeds as a stack of whole web pages. It feels sort of like flipping through your favorite websites on magic internet paper.

RSS5000 Demo from daniellestrle on Vimeo.

(via minimalmac)

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  1. If I owned an iPad, I would probably use this.

  2. defeating IMHO. the reason I use RSS is to not have to look at the ads and other crap filling up the pages. I just want the story content.

  3. I find PULSE reader visually the best way to view my RSS feeds b/c you can swipe through thumbnails images. You can read it as a stand alone but have the option to see it on its website by pressing the web button.

  4. Robin, I agree 100%. RSS allows me to focus on the content. I’ve found that Reeder is the best app on iPhone and iPad, and it also syncs with Google Reader.

  5. What I would really love is this or a flipboard-type RSS reader for my browser. ( Not everyone has an iPad.. :\ )
    For many of the blogs I subscribe to, I love looking at the content in it’s original environment. Or, if I don’t like the design of the blog, I’d like to be able to suck the content out and display it pretty. I have not yet come across something that does this – has anyone else?

  6. Reeder (here’s a link to a short introduction instead of just a link to the rather uninformative site for the app itself: sort of has the best of both worlds. It’s primarily an RSS reader, but also supports gestures – so by swiping to the right/left you get the article in its natural surroundings :)

    Rather confusing however that there’s this Reeder app and then the one currently only available for iPad+iPhone. I really like both apps though…

  7. Been using both Reeder and RSS5000 side by side. I really like how RSS5000 shows the content as a whole web page. My only gripe is that the refresh can be a little slow, ideally need a nice fast connection.

    But sure in time they will smooth this out.

    I tend to use Reeder when it’s feeds that are more text heavy, then switch to RSS5000 for more image based sites like BoingBoing etc.

  8. It’s really slow. Even with wifi and a fast connection.