Skip Hop

My loyal readers might know by now that I am quite fond of Skip Hop. Every day, our little Ella walks off to school with her adorable Skip Hop Owl Backpack. Makes me smile every single time. I just learned that Skip Hop came out with tableware and bookends in that same design. A possible Owl Obsession in the making?

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  1. The first Owl Obsession I had was my SBG/UBS “piggybank” which I still have and love. It’s a shame you don’t get them anymore :(

  2. Hootsuite dinnerware!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything that Skip Hop comes out with. Our little 1 1/2 yr-old Joy just got the Owl Lunch Bag as a Christmas gift. It’s pretty rad.

  4. Our children just got the owl and monkey lunchboxes from Santa. They are adorable and I’m thrilled to see they have other items considering how attached to the lunchboxes my children have become!

  5. Adorable. I may have to put my January spending freeze on hold!

  6. Very cute! So colourful. The owl is my favourite.

  7. Thats my daughter Emily!!! I love love love SkipHop and their amazing products. The Owl is my absolute FAVORITE!!

  8. Adorable! We studied owls and my first graders were OBSESSED with them. If they got their hot little hands on this stuff, they’d be over the moon I’m sure!

  9. Very nice! i’d love to buy the owl-set for my son. Do you have any idea where i can buy this in europe? That site does not send outside US!