SVA Masters Workshop: Summer 2011

poster by Louise Fili Ltd

Now this makes me swoon, who wouldn’t want to study design & typography in Venice and Rome? The SVA Masters Workshop, now in its third season, is a unique way to learn about type, book and lettering design, as well as architecture, art, archeology and even Italian cuisine. Study with some of the best typographers in Italy. Visit the Trajan Column and the Pantheon, and partake in exclusive visits to the Roman and Imperial Forums. Examine the inscriptions on Roman structures that have long been accepted as a typographic ideal.

This intensive hands-on workshop in design history, theory and practice allows participants to research and analyze the roots of typography, draw type and letters from the classic models while practicing contemporary design along with a faculty of Italian and American designers, historians and publishers. Taught by leading design professionals, this workshop emphasizes the multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial nature of contemporary design. In addition, collaborations with noted Italian design organizations and media businesses result in unique (and potentially publishable) print and Web projects.

Check out the prestigious faculty and photos from previous years.

SVA Masters Workshop: Summer 2011

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  1. That sounds amazing. I wish the price tag was not so large!

  2. I’m italian, that’s so cliche’ and so expensive..

  3. It would be a fantastic experience, but it is over-priced. You could go there yourself and organise most of the things covered for half the price, although the group environment would almost make it worthwhile.

  4. Yes, probably too expensive for the most (me included). But it looks really cool.

    I’m Italian too and we don’t have much workshops like this or about typography in general, probably because it’s a still underrated subject.

    I’d really like to join for Louise Fili too, I love her

  5. I love this, but I’m doing my continuing type education the classic American way. On my own, on my time, on the cheap. Old lettering instruction books, pencils, ink, Speedball pens, brushes, sweat, and my library card. If I get wealthy, I’ll go to Italy on sabbatical.