The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity

This Bermuda Triangle of Productivity by Fuchsia Macaree made me chuckle. (Even though the Facebook corner doesn’t apply to me. It would have to say “Google Reader”.)

(Thank you Fuchsia)

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  1. Ha! my triangle would look just like yours, as I am currently trapped in the triangle this morning. i love my g-reader.

  2. Same boat I will be drowning in – gmail, twitter and the oh-so time consuming Google Reader.

  3. i’m pretty sure that is me in the middle crying for help. so funny!

  4. lol, very apt and spot on!

  5. every couple months I erase half my G-reader subscriptions, it’s way too easy to subscribe to too much, you gotta do quality control.

  6. Sometimes I get stuck here, sometimes I drown here. :)

  7. My productivity is lost in the I do not care ocean which is right below that triangle lol.

  8. Oh yeah, I know what you mean. Google Reader and my day is over!

  9. Great stuff. Mind boggling!,,,