The Noun Project

The Noun Project’s mission is to share, celebrate, and enhance the world’s visual language. The goal is to collect and organize all the symbols that form our language into one easy-to-use online library that can be accessed by anyone. All the symbols on their site are completely free to download, and can be used for design projects, architecture presentations, art pieces – just about anything. The folks behind The Noun Project think a visual language that can be understood by all cultures and people is a pretty amazing thing. I fully agree.

Watch a video about their project over on Kickstarter.

(thank you Edward)

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  1. This is a really good project. The future developments discussed in the video should really improve the site too, but I really like the fact you can download any of the icons for free.

  2. another ressource – similar concept:

  3. Reminds me of Otto Neurath. He had the same intentions eighty years ago with what he called ISOTYPES.

  4. You can download the complete set of icons in one small file at instead of downloading an icon at a time. might be helpful and save a ton of time for others.

  5. Good project, however most of the icons are paid now. Another good resource with free symbol icons: