Naked Password

Here’s a fun way to encourage users to set more secure passwords: The whole idea of naked password. is to encourage users to enter stronger passwords. The beautiful model Sally tastefully removes items of clothing as the password grows stronger. Made me laugh.
(And yes, I hear some women scream now saying ‘why is it not a man undressing’!)

(via Daniele Cortega)

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  1. Only a man would come up with an idea like this ; p

  2. there should so be an option to have a man strip. boo to straight/male dominated geek world!

  3. @Chris

    There is a big “Fork it!” button at the top of the page.

    Have at it.

  4. That’s one way to encourage security!

  5. It’s not just the straight women who are disappointed.

  6. And LastPass is a great way to save that difficult password and never have to remember it again…!

  7. Good news for the women. The company that made it (Platform45) updated it. Undress a man now too.