NYC/CreativeMornings Video with Emily Cohen

Our speaker at the december 2010 CreativeMornings was wonderful Emily Cohen.

Emily has been a consultant to creative professionals for over 20 years providing confidential, best-practice insights and advice on staff, client, and process-management strategies, conducting client surveys and writing winning proposals, creative briefs, and contracts. Her CreativeMornings talk was insightful and filled with hands-on tips. Please enjoy Emily Cohen’s talk:

A big giant thank you to Sy Abudu for offering her video and editing skills.

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  1. This was great to watch- thanks for posting it. She went through a lot of material, but it really gets you thinking about different aspects of a business that us ‘creative’ types sometimes overlook. Lots of good things!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Took two pages of notes, so for me it was definitely worth watching.

    Hope you can sort out (for future videos) the parts where the presenter might wander out of shot or forget to repeat questions for the benefit of the virtual audience :)