Wedding Invite Love

If you’re about to get married (or recently did) you have probably googled ‘wedding invitations’ and got lost in a sea of overwhelming, badly designed wedding invitation sites. Well, there is help: is a brand-new wedding invitation directory by lovely Tracy Osborn.

If you’re a wedding invitation designer, you should register on her site asap. It’s a wonderful resource for the soon-to-be-married-folks in us.

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  1. As a recently engaged girl who is very particular about her papergoods, I am super excited to see this site. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. O this a great idea! Shame it doesn’t cover UK as well tho…

  3. Thank you thank you!!! We will get married soon, so I needed to start the work at our invitations. Now I have no reason to not do so! Love this blog, everyday something new / interesting and engaging! Keep it up!

  4. Its pretty awesome! ;-)