Here Coat Hooks

We expanded our studio and now we need more coat hooks. Unfortunately the ones we already have, the Here Coat Hooks by Richard Shed, aren’t available anywhere. (Or maybe I just didn’t find the secret site that still sells them?) Does anyone have a secret stash of them at home that they would sell?

If we had to switch hooks to another one, what should we get?

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  1. No need to change them, they are in stock here:

  2. Thanks so much Carlo. It doesn’t look like they are the originals though… Hmmm

  3. We have these in grey:

    The only downer that it points down. I wish they were pointing up and still worked as hooks.

  4. These aren’t the arrows, but a fun coat rack. Could look good in your studio in red:

  5. We just tested out a slew of coat hooks for Dwell (including another set of arrows!). Here’s the review:

  6. @let me google that for you: Thank you very much. Now, add that to the shopping cart, will you? #ohmy

  7. I saw these in stock in a shop in hong kong last week named homeless. I can’t find them on the website though. perhaps contact them.

  8. These are great….I am gonna get my buddy to make these for me…love them

  9. it says on that you can contact them directly to ask about availability

  10. Very different, pricey, but so pretty, and right here in Brooklyn

  11. Also–from England but would look good in yr studio (I think) and maybe time for change? The “shed” hook.

  12. They say sold out…but I have an extra set if you would like them!

  13. Some Old Navy stores use those in their dressing rooms. Who knew that place was so stylish when it comes to hooks?

  14. I spent too much time last summer looking for “cool” coathooks for a client – it was challenging! The elephant was the best…..

  15. shameless self promotion: – congrats on expanding the studio!

  16. Hi,

    Yes I have one in White that is still in its box!

    Get in touch if you are still in need of one.

  17. Hi Tina,

    I have a red one that I’ve never used. I think it’s the original, but I don’t remember where I bought it from. It was over 2 years ago.

  18. Thanks everyone for offering their hooks! Much appreciated! We found a solution!