Hooking Razor

Goodjoy’s brand new hooking razor is the perfect companion to the hooking toothbrush. Like the toothbrush, it’s made from PP plastic (polypropylene is a no.5 category for recycling) and is recyclable after the razor head is easily removed. Hangs onto shaving mirrors, shower caddies and like the hooking toothbrush, just about everything! Absolutely love this product! Thumbs up!

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  1. Just don’t get them mixed up. Especially on those early mornings before coffee.

  2. Never understood product promo shots taken out of context.
    Do I have a wire fence in my bathroom? Mmmmm no.

  3. Just what I’m looking for! The toothbrush holes on my wall-mounted soap dish are too small for my toothbrush. I also have no good place to store my razor. Thanks for posting!

  4. Where would you get the shower caddy? That one is great!

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