Michael Wolff

A lovely short about iconic designer Michael Wolff of Wolff Olins, made by mssngpeces.

(via brainpickings)

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  1. So true. I sometimes walk and imagine how the world must occure to someone seeing it for the very first time, and how delightful it would all be. And now I must pop into Olga’s stores, just a few streets away from me, and I’ve walked past so many times and never been in.

  2. Love that: “I better have muscles for seeing that make me able to see more than some of my colleagues can see.” -M. Wolff

    “It is only through the parts that the whole gets delivered.” -M. Wolff

    Very inspiring. Thanks Tina.

  3. pretty cool how he has all his stuff in different colors. I love the way this movie was shot.

  4. I love this– thank you for sharing.

  5. Loved the film. My company is considering hiring Wolff Olins for a re-branding project and I will be visiting their offices later this week. I hope I get to meet this legendary designer.

  6. What an inspiring window to Michael Wolff and to the world as seen by him (to which we all designers aspire).

    It is fascinating to see how he solves design problems with his unique thinking. He is more inspired than ever, and currently working on his own on wonderful projects. I wish we could see more!


  7. Inspiring..

  8. Fantastic clip and an example of how observation of the world around us can create luxury for the senses

  9. I just love the feeling when I see or meet someone like Michael, someone who is just like you on the inside. I may not live the life he does but he certainly feels like he is echoing much of what I feel and live for. I adore his website, have a look: http://michaelwolff.oi-dev.org/.

  10. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mr Wolff earlier this week. He definitely has an inspiring and contagious enthusiasm. It was an absolute pleasure.

  11. This film is so beautiful only because Michael is soo beautiful! I really wish this world had more people like him! All my love to you Michael.