Miniot Wood iPad2 Cover

(photos originally uploaded by DesignArea)

Every now and then I come across gadget accessories that takes my breath away. It just happened now when I discovered the Miniot Wooden iPad2 Cover. The companies about page put a huge smile on my face. All it shows is a “Team Photo” (below). How can you not buy a product from what looks to be a Dutch family enterprise? Hat tip Miniot, your iPad2 cover is a beauty.

(thank you Karin who saw it over at DigitalLiving)

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  1. wow – wood goes ipad – love that!

  2. The concept is sure cool but i fear wood could be ruined after using sometimes.

  3. This piece is absolutely gorgeous. I wonder if it’s as functionally sound as it appears?

    I’ve noticed more use of wood in technology accessories like this lately… maybe it’s a subconcious realization that we need a little bit more nature in our lives!

    Thanks for posting this beauty.

  4. WOW WOW WOW. I love this. Makes me want an iPad2 even more, if that’s possible.

  5. I am a leather smart cover owner who also ordered the Miniot cover. I watched the Utube videos of other users showing problems with the Miniot cover. I received my cover June 7th and was pleasantly surprised! The magnets are very powerful and even without the hinge, when folded the covers magnets hold quite well. I am disappointed with the Apple Smart cover. Over time the cover leaves stains on both the back and the front where the microfibre contacts the Ipsd 2. I do have Invisible Shield on both the front and the back. I’m not sure the staining would occur if I didn’t have the shield installed. I do know that if I didn’t have the Invisible Shield installed I would have scratches from the microfibre picking up dust when folded and used as a stand. Both covers have positive an negative aspects. Since the Invisible Shield has a lifetime warranty, I simply replace the cover when it becomes stained. I am hoping the Miniot won’t stain like the Smart Cover. I also noticed the Smart Cover leather has begun to separate from the microfibre and the plastic separator sheets have been exposed along the edge.

  6. I purchased on and found it did not fold correctly and the customer service was very poor and dissmissive of my problems. Ended up buying an apple cover.