swissmiss on Aeschbacher

Here’s some exciting news that most probably only my Swiss readers will get: I am going to be on Kurt Aeschbacher’s TV show, which is airing tomorrow, thursday march 31st at 10.20pm.

Here’s some info (in German) about all 4 guests on the show, including myself. (For those of you not familiar with Swiss TV, Kurt Aeschbacher is the Larry King of Switzerland.)

Exciting? Very!

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  1. Congrats! I think Aeschbacher is doing his job quite well and he always seems to be able to put his guests at ease, connect with them on some level even though they all are so different.

  2. Hooray! You have one of the best blogs Í´ve ever seen, you are my inspiration! Enjoy your success! Regards, Lila&Cloe.

  3. Haha, nice one! I’ll make sure to turn on the goggle box tomorrow night then. Have fun!

  4. Aeschbi = Larry king of Switzerland, hehehe too funny! Congratulations and enjoy the spotlight! Will definitely watch it on SF, Gruessli us Miami

  5. Well deserved dear Swissmiss! Congratulations! I wish I could see it, say hi to Aeschbi, know him from my Swiss live a long time ago…

    Peter Klick, Chicago

  6. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing it tonight.

  7. Turbo Appenzellerin – a name well deserved :)

  8. You’re looking good Tina!

  9. cool!

  10. Yay! I’m going to watch it tonight.

  11. And later, you are able to download this show as a podcast! So I am looking forward to tomorrow.

  12. Was fun.
    Isch luschtig gsi… oder so.

  13. Gotta love SF Video portal! I gugge mer jeda Tag d’Nachrichte aa u natuerlich o d’Sending mitum Aeschbi u Dier :)