Everything is going to be OK‘ is a refreshing daily reminder by printmaker Rachel E Foster.

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  1. A graphic designer/screen printer friend of mine also sells this same statement in a different style.

    I think it’s time I buy one.

  2. Everything is going to be OK. It reminds me of something my mother said to me when I was a scared little boy after watching the scariest movie I’d ever seen: Invaders from Mars. “Just think good thoughts,” my mother told me when I yelled for her from my dark and scary bedroom.

    I recently wrote a story about this:

  3. Hi!

    I’m Rick. I make the print very similar to this (and have been making it for years) that Danielle above mentioned.

    While this bums me out a whole lot, I think the sentiment holds true. Everything is, in fact, going to be okay.