The Committee

Brad Denboer of Auditorium Toys just came out with another beauty of a four wheeled grown up toy called The Committtee. (Some of you remember The Boattail Racer?)

Here’s how Brad describes The Committee:

Six business-attired figures, viewed from above in diagrammatic form, are passengers in a vehicle on a relaxing outing. However, one of the passengers is restrained. The trunk reveals various instruments and tools (length of rope, tape recorder, baseball bat, shovel, etc.). While each element in this scenario is individually innocuous, together they make up an undeniably sinister collection.

“The Committee” exposes the risk to the potential of an idea when driven by a collective will — when the original motivation and criteria take a back seat to the impulsive decisions of individual committee members.

You are the ultimate driver in this unfolding narrative of control.

I don’t know about you, but I would love owning one of these limited edition cars (25 pieces). I can see myself playing with it during meetings here in the studio, sending subliminal messages or simply having fun. Wroooom. Wrooom.

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  1. the handle outline seems to be backwards.