The Cosmonaut

I am totally backing The Cosmonaut: A Wide-Grip Stylus for Touch Screens project over on Kickstarter. Join me?

(How awesome is their video?)

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  1. No offense i love the Studio Neat guys – Tom – Dan and i am even a retailer of theres for the great iPhone mount/tripod The glif, however this is a bit of a joke product they obviously haven’t researched the market enough as someone like Suck UK supply a pretty similar product see here –

    I am sure other retailers also have similar stylus’s for sale so i don’t see how this product is original or in anyway different. I wish these guys the best of luck with the project but the fact they are using Kick Starter for this is a bit of a scam as they clearly have enough funds from The Glif especially when selling them $20 each!

  2. Love this product

  3. The alupen looks nice – and seems to indicate (along with the stylus) that the Studio Neat guys didn’t even do their homework before launching this Kickstarter project.
    Or maybe they just didn’t care: they’re on their way to probably another 100,000 bucks of backing – because their videos are cooler than the other guys…