The Elements of Content Strategy

A Book Apart just announced their latest book, The Elements of Content Strategy, written by our brand new studiomate Erin Kissane, designed by studiomate Jason Santa Maria and edited by studiomate Mandy Brown. Yes, that was studiomate three times in a row. The book will be released March 8th.

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  1. its any chance that you post another photo like that, but, let me see that face, i think that you are lovely…

  2. wow, the book cover almost matches your eyes! :D

  3. Can you please send me a reminder when it’s published? Will it be available on Apple’s iBookstore?

  4. I can’t resist to ask: do you really keep your studio that tidy all the day? I have to use at least three different photoshop tools to come even close to that tidiness. Awesome.

  5. My, you have almost surrealistically great eyelashes!

  6. You can just send that right over here, lady. x

  7. YAY Erin!!