Vetted is a new online shopping mekka for people like me, that share a love for the simple, modern and unique. NYC based designer Antonio Carusone is behind this new gem of a site. Oh, the temptation!

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  1. How neat! I wish they had a wider selection…

    I was up in Portland for the first time in October. And the dangerous mix of no sales tax and this store made for a fun shopping spree:

    Ton’s of fun, neat things like Vetted. I really want that Duller Pen, btw. It’s just full of sex.

  2. It’s a great site. I was considering featuring it too, but I didn’t find the selection wide enough. Definitely bookmarked though. Looking forward to seeing more products on there.

  3. Thanks for the mention Tina.

    Phillip/Carl, glad you guys like the store. The selection is definitely going to grow over the next few months with some great items. Stay tuned.