I can’t wait for summer. To the point that I’ve been researching outdoor furniture and summer kids toys like a mad woman. (I know, I am a little over eager, we’re still weeks away) I have been searching for kids water tables and was highly underwhelmed by the plastic monsters that are being sold. But check out the Sanak-ji Water Table. Granted, way more expensive than the plastic ones, but a pleasure to look at.

(Thank you John)

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  1. This one is pretty, but looks small.

    When my kids were young I made a great water table using a large under-bed plastic storage bin and a simple frame made of spare 1×3 lumber. Added a few tubes and funnels and voila – hours (or at least a few minutes) of watery fun.

  2. how cute! love it. And will still look good after the kids go to bed.

  3. Such a great idea, Ursula.