Bakelite Kodak Brownie Hawkeye

Oh, Etsy! You keep making me stumble upon all these magnificient looking vintage photo cameras. Check out this Kodak beauty! Someboy please buy it or I will.

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  1. thanks for the pointer… bought it!

  2. Dear Miss,

    Here’s one going on ebay for 99 cents.

    There are others.

  3. A friend of mine has a great collection of these:

  4. Got one and love it! If you know what’s good for you, you’ll buy this one.

  5. didn’t see how much this was going for on etsy since it sold, but you can always find these on ebay. I have added to my vintage collection quite a bit with auction that cost me $10 or less.

    $10 is the extreme high range too. That was for 2 vintage kodaks, the original manual to one, flash attachment for one of them (the other is later and has the flash built in) flash bulbs, and an originaly roll of un opened film, and a leather case to carry it all. All in near perfect condition, That was shipped for under $10…

    Like I said I don’t know how much it was on etsy but don’t pay a premium just because it is on etsy. It is most likely someone who picked it up on ebay or a thrift store and trying to get a premium out of it.

  6. we want a brownie! thanks for the heads up!

  7. there’s something sentimentally sweet about these old machines… My dad is currently sorting through his collection of old bits and pieces and it breaks my heart to know some of those things will end up in a skip (do you have those in the states? big bins you can hire to chuck stuff out?). You can see some of his gems on my blog
    love your work Miss Swiss xo

  8. Ohhh, I’ve had an identical one for years! I think I got it from an antique mall. It used to sit in front of our tv but now it sits on a shelf in baby’s room.

    They should consider making new digital cameras that take on the shape and look of these retro designs – I would buy one!

  9. @ amanda

    I don’t remember where but there was actually a how-to posting on a blog on taking one of these brownies and converting it into a webcam with a little tripod attached to it. Great project and looked amazing.

    Would also be a cool idea for a nanny cam type device. i mean who would suspect the vintage camera is secretly videotaping them.

  10. When I was growing up in the 60’s & 70’s my Mum had one of these — she may still. I remember how she would have to position the camera while looking down and frame the shot.

  11. Love these camera’s. I’ve been looking for one that had the old school look. Thanks for the post

  12. These cameras are way cool. It really does remind you of the cameras that our parents used to use. Nic to see that style again.