Bicycle Wine Rack

Love Wine? Love Riding your bike? Your life is now complete with this Bicycle Wine Rack.

(via coudal)

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  1. No drinking and driving though!

  2. Very nice. I think I would test cycle with a cheap bottle though. Not sure it looks the most secure.

  3. Now someone needs to design a cork with a very long straw. Maybe aquarium air pump tubing would work for the straw part. I guess the brie and crackers are stored in the handlebar basket?

  4. ooh! I just posted about bicycle accessories – this one will have to go in part 2. Wonderful idea and design. Thanks!

  5. Shaking up a bottle of wine? What would the Swiss say?

  6. Crappy wine, nice holder.

  7. Innovation at its best! Is there one with a “chiller” option…?!

  8. I don’t see how riding around with a big glass bottle precariously perched between your legs is considered good design.

    Maybe they should attach another rack to the seatpost for your cutlery?

  9. What a great gift idea for that friend that just lost their drivers license for drinking and driving.

  10. no need to get this fancy – wine bottles fit in my water bottle holder

  11. Everyone, I’m gload you love the wine rack. Here’s a video of it in action!

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