Cat’s Cradle

I used to play this excessively as a kid. Apparently it’s called Cat’s Cradle in English. (I can’t remember what we used to call it in Swiss-German.) My favorite part of the game always the passing it on to a friend, while continuing to play. Thanks for the flash-back, Mrs. Easton.

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  1. bei uns im norden sagt man glaube ich hexenspiel. ich hab’s noch nie jemanden alleine spielen sehen!

  2. Didn’t we call it “Chatzeleiterli”?

  3. Chatzeliterli – würi au säge.

  4. I almost totally forgot about the two-person version. Time to break out the string!

  5. WOW!
    A truly international game (and that meant a lot, before internet). I used to play this with my grandmother, over 30 years ago, in Naples (Italy).

  6. Wow! It’s truly an international game. I learnt the game when I was in Hong Kong as a little boy. Now I taught my kids to play, n they like the game too.

  7. Ich kenne es als “abnäh”… :)

  8. Love this!
    I’ll have to teach my little sister to play. We would always do it as a two player game, and to get to the next step you would pass it off. This seems so much harder!

  9. Wait, you can do this by yourself?!? I *only* knew the two-person version. I’ve been missing out on Cat’s Cradle solo enjoyment!

  10. Love it! Used to play for hours when I was a child in Switzerland (like u).

  11. I used to play it to with my grandmother in Elsass! What a good souvenir to kick off the weekend.

  12. Hey Swiss Miss,
    Great video! What do you think of FCUK’s attempt??


  13. Habe auch stundenlang chatzegleiterlet als Kind.

  14. I used to play it as a kid here in mexico :)

  15. The handing-it-over-to-the-next-person was my favourite bit, too. But how did we know how to DO all of that?!!