Oh, these Gridbooks are fantastic! Designed for web designers, Gridbooks feature a 15-point dot grid that divides into four, five or six columns. It also includes storyboard outlines for three standard ad units: a leaderboard, skyscraper and big box. Opposite the grid, a notes page includes lined paper and a checklist for action items.

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  1. Thanks for the post! We’d love to extend a promo code to Swiss Miss readers for the Gridbooks. Enter SMGB4 when checking out for 10% off!

  2. Spectacular on-target project; perfect for the visual thinker or Doodle Revolutionary in your life.

    Provides enough of a foundation to contribute to better wireframes, without distracting from your ideas.

    Tina: thanks for sharing discoveries like this!


  3. Wow, this looks awesome! Thank you, Tina, for always posting ways to better workflow! I just wish this was a little cheaper. $12.50 for shipping! But I am so tempted…

  4. After I read this article, I ordered 3 books. There was a paypal problem once. They promised the discount code but my bill wasn’t discount price. Now it has been 3 months. I have nothing. I sent them emails but no response.
    Did anyone buy the note book? Have you received?

  5. @rasterfield — Sorry to hear about this issue. At time of the initial post, the books were on pre-order and all orders have been shipped. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll track your order for you. Some international shipments were delayed due to a postage strike in Canada, but should arrive in the next few weeks.

  6. Really tempted to get the Web Pack (1 book and 2 pads) for $30, but with $10 for shipping and the Swiss Miss readers promo code not working, and the long shipping time, not sure if it’s worth it…
    Any chance there’s another promo code to try?
    Would love to get it!

    Thanks for posting/sharing.

  7. Hi Shirley,

    You can use HOLIDAYS until the end of Dec to get 10% off your order. Are you looking to ship overseas or within North America?

    Thanks, Gridbooks.

  8. Thanks for replying and for the alternative promo code! Will try that!
    I’ll looking to ship to NYC..