What is it with me finding LEGO related stuff today? I don’t know, but here’s my last LEGO product post of the day: LEGO Soap.

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  1. I’m at the point where I am wondering how many more variations of the LEGO theme the internet and the world can take before most people decide the whole meme is just unutterably boring. It’s not just that you are finding lego stuff today, it’s that the Lego bumpf is always floating about. After probably more than a triple-gazillion variations on the Lego theme, people still seem determined to extend the boredom.

  2. What an implausibly grumpy response. Someone needs some bright primary colours in their soapdish!

  3. Nah, vanderleun is bang on there. I loved Lego AS A CHILD, and recognise its validity as a toy that can facilitate cognitive development in children in a fun way, but PLEASE, no more Lego-related stuff. It’s almost bad as star wars related stuff. Thanks! :)