Rube Goldberg Machine World Record

For the Rube Goldberg Competition, a team from Purdue University took the simple task of watering a flower, and turned it into a record-shattering 244-step lesson in the evolution of the world. Talk about overachievers.

(via devour)

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  1. I love these kind of machines. However, whilst a lot of work appears to have gone into this one, unlike many Rube Goldberg’s, the video seems to show each step in a very unconnected way which is disappointing :0(

  2. I prefer Der Lauf der Dinge…

  3. What a pity that they didn’t choose the “one-take” for showing this goldberg machine… Like this it doesn’t have much sense.

  4. And by the way, i prefer this one:

    and sry miss, for doublepost ;)

  5. Not keen on this to be honest. Seemed a little poor.

  6. what a bunch of snit-snots you all are. this is delightful and ironic and fun. is everyone on earth imbued with the english sense of categorical disdain this week of the royal wedding?