CreativeMornings Video: Mike Monteiro

Our speaker at the *second* San Francisco CreativeMornings was Mike Monteiro, Design Director, and co-founder of Mule Design Studio. This event took place on March 25, 2011 and was generously sponsored by Happy Cog and Typekit (who also hosted the event at their office in the Mission).

A big giant thank you to Chris Whitmore for offering to shoot and edit the video. Photos were graciously provided by Rawle Anders.

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  1. Wow,

    These are beautiful… Yes to the Saloon girls from the 1800’s comment.

  2. As a New York design lawyer, I appreciated Mike Monteiro’s approach. Judicious and targeted use of legal resources not only protects you but promotes flexibility with clients. Why should anyone have to defend their right to payment for work performed — or even think twice about it? With a little planning, it should never be necessary to endure that kind of indignity. Hassles over what is rightfully yours sap growth and should be eliminated from all healthy and robust business models.

    Robin Ridless, Esq.

  3. Nice talk, nice video, but I could have done without the annoying jazzy intro that wasted a full 0:54 of my life.

  4. Hey @Evan, sorry you didn’t enjoy the intro. Most people actually love getting a sense of what CreativeMornings are like by watching them. Me included, as I have never been to a SF one.

    (Would you mind to leave an actual email address next time so that I can email you back directly?)

  5. I agree with Evan. The intro didn’t really tell me what I might want to know. I got the name of the show, the name of the speaker, and some disembodied phrases and images that made for somewhat disorienting context. And it took a minute to tell me that.

    This isn’t a TV show(as far as I know.) You don’t need to hook me with a catchy intro. I’m here because I clicked on something that I wanted to see. You can hook me by getting me to the content as soon as possible before I lose interest and decide maybe I’m not interested in this video after all.

    If there’s some things you think I need to know beforehand in order to understand the content, tell me and get out of the way. Don’t be coy, or cute, or flashy about it or I might just say to hell with it before I ever get to the meat of it.