Skillshare just launched and I am excited for them. Skillshare’s mission is to flip the notion of traditional education on its head and democratize learning. They believe that anyone can be a teacher, and everyone has valuable knowledge and skills to share. I couldn’t agree more!

I think I might take this class on How To Make Chinese Dumplings or should I take Game Mechanics for Social Apps?

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  1. I joined earlier today, and I might take one of the cooking classes. I’m awful at cooking, and it would be fun to learn a new skill and meet new people.

  2. This is brilliant. I wish they had it in Boston…

  3. I think it’s a great idea with some great people like Michael behind it. However, I feel efforts like TradeSchool ( – a barter based version of Skillshare is also a great model to follow . They had a chapter last year and another that is currently ongoing this year.

  4. Great! I plan a similar project (picking knowledge) in Switzerland. Good to see this & to learn!

  5. Nice. You should check out Instructables as well:

  6. CommuniTeach is also similar. It emphasizes the idea of trading skills.

  7. However, these sites don’t offer a live online learning experience. does.