Suspended Staircase

photo credit: Rainer Detzlaff

How stunning looking is this suspended staircase? It is part of a home designed by SoHo Architektur.

(via trendir)

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  1. These are fantastic! I’ve recently become obsessed with amazing staircases.

    Like this one, for example:


  2. Just try moving a couch upstairs…

  3. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like this staircase would have some lateral sway when I stepped on to it.

  4. Hold on, let me pick my jaw back up of my desk.

    (…Dave, should be the same as with any other stair. The floor opening is the same. The only thing is that you can’t cheat it around corners.

    Daniel, I would assume it is supported against the wall with a few pegs. Even if not, the joints should be built so strong, that there would be very little movement in the stairs. Looks like 5cm (2inch) thick oak, probably has less movement as a traditional staircase that is just banged in…)

  5. Wow, die fliegt, diese Treppe! Genial!

  6. nice design… not very kid friendly.

    Now having an 18 month accident prone toddler I suddenly seem to look at design in a very different way.

  7. on second thoughts… the room itself seems very depressing and somehow reminds me of the holocaust museum in Berlin.

  8. If you could buy a house at Ikea it would look like what this firm designs.

  9. …can’t say I like it…but it did make me look

  10. A good example of form over function. This design stops light from moving between the floors, the gaps between those stops make me nervous, I wouldn’t want to run up those in socks. No banister either. And to top it off it doesn’t even look that nice. Definitely interesting though.

  11. If I stumble once on this stair I will have good chances to break my leg when my body will fall forward and leg stuck in the gap between steps. And I can’t say it looks pretty. Awkward maybe.

  12. … I agree with all of the comments above and add that there is no utility to the space below and the design unnecessarily squanders materials.

  13. eh, it’s kinda cool, but the rest of the room/space still looks shit. bad proportions, I guess. nice concept though – would be better in a nicer space or on a bigger scale.

  14. Add a banister, close the space between the stairs, and open up the solid wall on the room side some (the wall against the room wall should anchor things enough). The lack of posts below the stairs does give you a more open area there.

  15. We have a few designs you maybe interested in at

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  17. Love the idea. It’s a work of art. But in reality, this would never work for my family and the way we live. We are creating a duplex and looking for staircase options now.

  18. I like this idea,simple,creative.But do not know whether the firm?

  19. i like contemporary designs.. its coolll

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