Tax Receipt

Live in the US? Ever wonder what your taxes are spent on, exactly? The US government set up a site that gives citizens an individual, detailed tax receipt. Wow!

(Via davidbauer)

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  1. Oh, that’s clever! Over the past two years I’ve discovered The White House website is a surprisingly good/informative time. Who knew?

  2. This just makes me wish I could choose what departments get how much percentage…

  3. I actually put out an iPhone app (free) at the beginning of this year that does this very thing. Also uses GPS to give you information about your representatives.

  4. Wish Australia have this.
    The government here is so stupid, using my tax into something that is really unnecessary. Well.. I don’t even know if it is used.
    Ugh! I can go on an on how stupid they are but really admire these thing from US!

  5. I second Kate’s comment, with Canada.

    Actually looking at it for the first time in a long while, looks to be very well designed. Canada’s government websites tend to be a bit…lacking.