What’s your Side Project?

At the last CreativeMorning/NewYork with Ji Lee we asked: If you didn’t have to worry about your job and lack of time, which side project would you start? Here are some of the answers. See the entire set here. What is yours?

(all photos by wonderful Emily Gilbert)

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  1. Haha! Getting my portfolio (and business cards) up and running (without hiring someone to do it)

    And yes, it should be part of my job, but I’ve been so busy designing and printing wedding invitations (’tis the season) and other peoples business cards, that I haven’t had time to do me.
    -for shame letterpress printer, for shame!

  2. Definitely, it would be putting together a smashing portfolio. Working a nondesign job has kept me from getting the design job of my dreams.

  3. Elsie*, working a non-design job is no fun, but I have empathy.

    After quitting my sorta-design job in advertising last year, I now have a 7 day a week full-time design and printing job (with ALOT of customer service thrown in). I run the ship now. The hours are long and the boss can be a real hard-ass sometimes…But its wonderful

    *I really hate when people address people in comment sections as “@ [whomever I’m responding to]”. People have names…respond to them directly

  4. what does Curator’s Code mean

  5. I was just thinking about this last night. I think it so important ALWAYS to have a side project that you are dying to spend time on. The feeling you get when you work on projects fueled by pure motivation gives you so much energy and inspiration.

    Im working on a blog-redesign and a collaborative blog project ontop of my school, my job and my webdesign business -i guess it’s sometimes hard to determine which one is the sideproject :)

  6. It’s a side project Maria of Brain Pickings and I are working on. Stay tuned! :)

  7. My side project is an emergency housing system. It is a passion project that seems to have so much value than the work at my day job. That work is mostly about selling something or facilitating selling something to someone.

    As a graphic designer on staff, when you see a disaster unfold maybe you can convence management to allow you to design, umm… a poster to help? Or you can fire up the coffee pot for years on end and try to actually do something about it. I choose the latter every single day.

    The key to a side project – finding something you are passionate about.