Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson

Beautiful video portrait of Steven Sasson, inventor of the digital camera. He was the 32nd inventor in David Friedman’s Inventor Project. He shot him in October at Kodak’s headquarters in Rochester, just a couple weeks before President Obama awarded him the National Medal of Technology.

Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson from David Friedman on Vimeo.

What’s with that fabric on that chair? I couldn’t stop focusing on it.

(thank you James)

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  1. Haha! I couldn’t stop focusing on that fabric either! Nice portrait of an inventory and his patient imagination.

  2. Thanks, Tina. Since you’re the only person I’ve see wonder about the fabric, you get the scoop:.

    The only room made available to me for shooting at Kodak was the lobby, which wasn’t very inspiring. I talked my way into getting one more room to look at, a conference room that had slightly more visual interest: there were some cameras scattered around in displays, a conference table, a giant pot with huge sunflowers, and a few chairs. I tried to find a way to shoot in there that didn’t scream “conference room” and that probably hadn’t been done already, since I know they’ve used that room for media before. As soon as I saw this chair parked near a coffee table, I knew I had to use it. The pattern immediately reminded me of the Bayer pattern used in modern digital sensors. (It’s the checkerboard-like arrangement of red, green, and blue receptors — do a Google image search for “Bayer pattern” and you’ll see what I mean). I figured that most people wouldn’t notice the connection — Steve said he’d never heard anyone point it out before — but to me it was as relevant a prop as if I’d picked it out myself for the shoot because it speaks directly to the invention. Now every time I see it, I smile and wonder if there are any other people out there who see the connection, too. I think of it as a subtle inside joke for techies out there.

  3. @David, thanks so much for the background info re that chair pattern. Love it! :)