Wooden Espresso Maker

Now here’s an espresso maker that made me look: Linje – The Norwegian Coffee Experience.

(via stylinrooms)

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  1. That’s gorgeous. Wonder how well it works.

  2. The most interesting thing is it looks so cute in shape. It’s simply gorgeous. In the field of shape, design, technically structured simply awesome.
    But one think I want to know that how does work? And how efficiently can it work?

  3. Please tell me Studio Mates is getting this ;)

  4. That is beautiful! Simple. Elegant. Playful.

    I’m a videographer and aspiring graphic artist. My connections in the news industry led me to Twitter and through following many in electronic and print news, somehow the path led me to Swissmiss! I’m glad it did! What a refreshingly elegant web site!

    I’ll continue to visit to see the magic you and “G” create! You inspire me!

    Continued blessings,

    Eddie Dex

  5. All I can say is wow! Having done some research on espresso machines over the past couple of weeks I have gained a new found interest in all things espresso. Your wooden espresso machine is very unique!



  6. hot steam, water and wood – not the best combination. but gorgeous nonetheless.

  7. Coffee Please!

  8. Very interesting design. I wonder if it pulls decent shots.

  9. Great design, I like it

  10. fantastic design – very unique!

  11. all I can say is WOW – brilliant design.

  12. It’s simple and nice design, love when designs go back to nature!