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Yesterday was a big day for Authentic Jobs members like me. (Ever noticed that “Come in we’re hiring sign” on the left of my blog?) Authentic Jobs is a job listings site founded by the talented Cameron Moll, which specializes in connecting companies with creative professionals.

Authentic Jobs got a major facelift and some new added functionality. If you’re looking to find a job you can search by location, category, type of employment (full-time, contract, freelance or internship) and can even subscribe to Email/RSS notifications based on your search criteria.

Cameron and his team managed to create a realigned, adaptive layout that renders well on most web-enabled devices. And with this new version he is also taking it over to the UK where Elliot Jay Stocks, Jon Hicks and Sarah Parmenter are joining the crew.

Read the official announcement over at the Authentic Jobs blog.

Check out Authentic Jobs UK, the revamped site Authentic Jobs and don’t forget to enter the Touchscreen Tussle to win an iPad. Oh, and if you try the new site on your tablet or mobile device and your browser supports geolocation, try the “Locate me” feature for some magic.

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  1. Really nicely designed and a very useful job searching tool. Bookmarked.