Neche Collection

Neche Collection visually documents materials collected by Veronica Corzo-Durchardt’s grandfather Neche Eugenio Hadad, a Cuban Exile of Lebanese descent, accountant, collector and sometimes thief.

Veronica acquired many of his belongings and created the Neche Collection to be both an archive and a source of continued inspiration. The project consists of a daily photo post from the collection and each week she creates and print a limited edition screen print inspired by one or more of the objects featured in the collection that week.

The collection has a wide range of objects: printed matter, office supplies, toys, ephemera and photos. Many of the objects in the collection were sent through the mail from Cuba by her grandfather a year before they left the country.

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  1. “Cuban Exile of Lebanese descent”. This sentence made me grasp for air. Some people just end up in the wrong place, but twice??? Lol.

  2. Wrong places, why?

  3. I think we still have one of those Rotex label guns hanging around the house!