Panda Pal

I know there are some serious Panda Loving People out there. If you’re on of them, you’ll enjoy this Panda Pal Speaker System. I can’t vouch for the sound quality, but it sure looks adorable.

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  1. I have an iPig (Ignatius is his name – Iggy Piggy).

    Sound quality is amazing!

  2. My husband just gave me this for my birthday! It’s even cuter in person. It doesn’t necessarily go much louder than my laptop speakers (like some other mini-laptop speakers will) but it improves the sound quality so that it is easier to hear. It kind of rounds out the sound and makes it fuller, and more resonant. The cord wraps around his head in a little groove underneath the white half of his head. I use it all the time and absolutely LOVE it.

  3. Agree with Rebecca.
    Swissmiss makes me smile, too.

    How adorable :D

  4. Looks really sweet to me.. Love the idea really.

  5. We’ve been using ours for our infant son’s room with an iPod shuffle. The sound is surprisingly good. One complaint though… the on/off switch is on the bottom, and a bit annoying to lift up and turn off. (Not an issue if you use a computer with USB).

  6. this is so cool. love the idea