KARTONKLUNKER is an assembly set of a cardboard chandelier. You read right, a cardboard chandelier. Thankfully there is no glue or any other tools necessary to assemble this beauty of a ceiling mounted lighting source.

KARTONKLUNKER is the first lamp by Rainer & Tobiad Kyburz, creating a playful contrast between the ordinary cardboard material and the luxurious object of a chandelier. It’s a Swiss product, through and through; designed, produced and boxed up in Basel, Switzerland.

I don’t know about you, but this chandelier made me smile. Two swissmiss thumbs up! Oh, and watch the assembly video below:

KARTONKLUNKER from Claudia Link on Vimeo.

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  1. ~$287 for a cardboard chandelier with the word “Klunker” in the name? Good luck with that…

  2. (Insane, astronomical price aside, it does look awesome.)

  3. Fun, but quite expensive – and it would not be promotable in Denmark with the name ‘Kartonklunker’!:-D

  4. this is a really fantastic idea if i don’t like my house and want to see it burn to the ground.

  5. Wow, I actually did not realize at first that it was cardboard…interesting product line. I doubt I would use it myself and it is pricey, but certainly interesting.

  6. hi

    @Marcel: the price is basically the price for switzerland, where things might be quite expensive. the reason therefore is that is produced in switzerland, and also manually assembled there. since we do not produce hundreds of lamps it’s simply not possible to produce cheaper, because going to china is no option for us.

    @matt: since we use fluorescent lamps your house will not burn down ;-)

    thanks for the comments! :-)


  7. From the picture you can’t tell its cardboard. Lovely!