The Burning House

Foster Huntington reached out to friends and acquaintances asking them each to submit a photo and list of items they would take if they’re house was burning. He’s showcasing the responses on a site called The Burning House. Hmm… What would I take?

(via ignant)

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  1. In total nerd fashion, I’d make a mad-dash to save my Drobo. That thing has _everything_ on it, including photos from high school, scans of personal documents, all design work, and lots of other things.

    I’d also grab my wallet and credit cards because that crap is a hassle to replace. Y’know how that goes.

  2. pants (with wallet in it). Time machine that is attached to the bottom of the desk, and the corgi. If for some reason my wife can’t run out herself. i’ll carry her too.

    If i have time i would chuck the fire/water proof safe out the window, just to be safe.

    Anything else is sort of replaceable. If i had time for a second trip the artwork comes next.

  3. I have been there. I took my cat and my purse. Luckily all that happened was smoke damage. I have not changed my mind about what I took. I would do it again.

  4. Another been there. If only you had the time to think about what you would take, it doesn’t quite happen that way. I had the time and mental bandwith to grab the wallet, phone and dog. The very kind firefighter brought out the laptop. This is really out of necessity – we all need our technology to carry on as normal afterwards. Otherwise – it would have been the memorabilia, which survived with an updated look, if you know what I mean! Just glad to have it though.

  5. I did this same project a few years ago with a 4×5 view camera for a photography class that i took. looks like he beat me to posting it online!